How to Choose the Right Lot for your Custom Home

Before we discuss floor plans, finishes, and paint colors, we need to know where we will build your dream home. Lot selection is a tricky thing because it’s not always easy to know what to look for or what questions to ask – But we do, and we are always happy to come along and help you evaluate all of your options. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the land.

General Location

Whether you are looking for land in the country or a new development closer to town, you’ll want to make sure you really understand where you’re moving as it relates to your daily routine.

  • How long will your commute be to work and school? 
  • Drive to and from the lot at multiple times of the day
    • Rush hour in the morning and evening 
    • Mid-day
    • Weekends 
  • If there is non-developed land near the area you are considering, check with the local municipalities to validate what the zoning is for those areas and if there are any plans to build or develop the land. Here are the zoning links to areas of Kentucky we work in regularly: 

Size & Terrain

Most land will need excavating work before building, but it’s essential to know if the lot you’re considering is a good fit for the type of home you plan to build. 

  • Will the home you wish to build fit the lot you’re considering? 
  • How will the home need to be positioned on the lot, and is that acceptable to you? 
  • Based on the home’s position, how will this impact things like natural sunlight, driveways, etc.
  • Are there hills or slopes that will be a concern for drainage? 
  • If you’re building in a development or neighborhood, how many of the lots are sold? Are there building restrictions that your family will need to comply with when building in the development?


One of the biggest questions will be about utilities – do utilities exist, or will they need to be put in before the project can begin?

So you think you found your lot? Now, it’s time to walk it.

Our team is happy to walk all of your land options with you. By walking together, we can discuss the lot and the work needed to make sure it is well-prepped for your new home. We have a lot of experience building custom homes in developments and can give you the lay of the land (pun intended) on what can and can’t be done in each area. 

When we say we are here to help you from start to finish, we mean it. So if you think you’re ready – let’s take a walk. Schedule your walk today by clicking here

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